International Collegiate Origami Association(ICOA)

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International Collegiate Origami Association(ICOA)

Messagepar Terry » 26 mai 2015, 10:52

Je retransmet ce message de la part d'ORIGAMIHOUSE à destination des créateurs "Etudiants" pour une exposition de leurs modèles cet été au Japon.

Il n'y a pas de limite d'âge - Seul le fait d'être "Etudiant" semble être le critère de participation.
J'ai demandé quelques clarifications sur la participation. Voici les réponses ci-dessous et le texte en entier en bas de message.


> "Can I participate :
> if I'm a children
> If I'm a young adult artist but not student (because already I have a job) ?
International Collegiate Origami Association is no age limit but the person must be "College(University) Student".
So unfortunately those cases you wrote are not applicable.

> If I'm an adult ?
If the person is "College(University) Student", he able to participate.

International Collegiate Origami Association

Origami is a current hot topic among college students. Those who participated in 6OSME last summer may remember the enthusiastic student volunteers from the Kanto region. In Japan, they are a part of the "University Origami Circle Network", established in 2014 with the main objective of promoting the exchange of information and experience between college students. Thirteen universities are now affiliated and convene twice a year for Origami events.

Since the inception of the Japanese based group, there has been a desire to form a more permanent and global organization to connect college students having an interest in origami. It would be open not only to groups, but to individual college students as well, with the primary objective of promoting richer international interactions.

To begin the dialogue, an inaugural Origami exhibition is planned to take place during the Tanteidan Convention in August. A room separate from the general exhibition will be allocated specifically for that purpose. A key aspect of this exhibition is that it will be open for viewing not only to convention attendees, but also to the general public. The exhibition will be truly "International", with representation already confirmed from various countries including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong, Peru, and Colombia.

Registration in Japan is already open. The criteria is simple: each item must be an original creation folded by a college student. Participants are encouraged to bring their items in person to the exhibition but may also ship their submissions via postal mail. For further details, please email: => Toutes les dernières infos sur le monde de l'origami !

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Re: International Collegiate Origami Association(ICOA)

Messagepar -sebl- » 27 mai 2015, 17:22

je crois bien que j'ai fini les études depuis bien trop longtemps ! :mrgreen:
mon flickr

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